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  • AC Questions

    • Why is my energy bill extremely high?
      It could be time to replace your AC unit with an updated, sustainable option. Today’s AC systems are much more efficient than those of just ten years ago.
    • Why won't my AC turn on?
      If you use a remote for your unit and it won’t work, simply turn it on manually. If you can’t locate the button, give our technicians a call. If your AC switches on manually, get in touch with us and we’ll come check your receiver board.
    • Why is my AC blowing hot air and not cool air?
      Check your remote to see if your AC is on the right mode. If that’s not the issue, give us a call so we can check your gas level and your compressor.
    • Why does my AC smell unpleasant when I turn it on?
      It’s likely dirty. Getting it serviced and properly cleaned will fix this problem – sometimes, odors can be caused by rodents crawling up the drain, being unable to escape, and dying. Maintenance can rid you of their bad smell!
    • Why do I hear rattling when I turn on my AC?
      Your fan (drum) is most likely off balance. This is caused by a buildup of contaminants on the drum, and cleaning will usually solve it.
    • Why is my AC making a huffing sound?
      Dirty filters are usually to blame. Remember to clean them regularly!
    • Why isn't my AC blowing air forcefully?
      Air can’t flow through your unit if it’s dirty and clogged. All you need to do is clean the blower fan (AKA the drum), and this will typically double the air flow. If the drum is turning slowly, you might need a new fan motor.
    • Why is the air from my AC not as cold as it once was?
      In many cases, a dirty coil is to blame in this situation. If you clean your coil and the temperature still doesn’t improve, you might need your refrigerant topped up.