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Thermostat Temperature for Saving Money and Energy

thermostat on wall

Setting the right temperature on your thermostat during the summer is essential for staying comfortable and managing your utility costs. The recommendations provided in the passage are helpful for balancing both factors. Here’s a summary of those recommendations:

  1. Recommended Temperature When You’re at Home: The U.S. Department of Energy suggests setting your thermostat to 78 degrees Fahrenheit (26 degrees Celsius) when you are at home. This temperature provides a comfortable balance between cooling and energy efficiency.
  2. Recommended Temperature When You’re Away: To save on cooling costs, it’s advisable to increase the thermostat setting by seven to 10 degrees Fahrenheit (2-3 degrees Celsius) when you’re away from home. A programmable thermostat can automate this process, so you don’t have to remember to adjust it manually.
  3. The Importance of a Programmable Thermostat: Using a programmable thermostat is highly recommended. It allows you to set different temperature profiles throughout the day, aligning with your schedule. This ensures that your home is comfortable when you’re present and saves energy when you’re not.
  4. Tips to Maximize Cooling Efforts: In addition to temperature settings, there are several strategies you can employ to make your air conditioning system more effective and efficient:
  • Use window treatments to block sunlight and heat.
  • Ensure your home is well-sealed by installing or replacing weatherstripping and caulking around doors and windows.
  • Minimize the use of heat-generating appliances like ovens and stoves during the hottest parts of the day.
  • Install ceiling fans to enhance cooling.
  • Consider replacing older cooling units with energy-efficient models.

These tips will help you strike a balance between comfort and cost savings during the summer months. With the right settings, energy-efficient equipment, and a few home modifications, you can enjoy a cooler home without breaking the bank.

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